Pro Bono Bankruptcies Lawyers Near Me (2023)

1. What Are My Options If I Can't Afford a Bankruptcy Attorney? - AllLaw

  • Or start with the American Bankruptcy Institute's Pro Bono Locator. Get Professional Help. Get debt relief now.

  • Learn about your options if you cannot cannot afford a bankruptcy lawyer's fees.

2. Pro Bono (free) and Legal Services | Eastern District of New York

  • Bankruptcy specific resource locator maintained by the American Bankruptcy Institute. You can find free and paid bankruptcy attorneys and organizations listed ...

  •   Individuals are strongly encouraged to obtain the services of competent legal counsel. Even if you cannot afford to pay an attorney, you may qualify for free legal services. For information pro bono legal services or about hiring an attorney, please see below.  

3. Pro Bono Programs | United States Bankruptcy Court - District of New ...

  • Attorney Training Manual for Bankruptcy Pro Bono Program; Rutgers - Camden ... ABI Bankruptcy Pro Bono Resource Locator · Job Vacancies | Judicial Seminar ...

  • Job Vacancies | Judicial Seminar Disclosure | Judicial Misconduct & Disability

4. What Can I Do If I Can't Afford a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

  • Finding Pro Bono or Low-Cost Bankruptcy Lawyers. It's common in the legal profession for attorneys to provide free or "pro bono" services to low-income ...

  • Here are some options for getting help with your bankruptcy case and filing bankruptcy if you cannot afford to pay for a bankruptcy lawyer.

5. Low-Income Assistance - Total Bankruptcy

  • Filing for bankruptcy can be expensive. Learn how to take advantage of free or low-cost bankruptcy resources and legal services available to low-income ...

  • Filing for bankruptcy can be expensive. Learn how to take advantage of free or low-cost bankruptcy resources and legal services available to low-income filers.

6. NYC Bankruptcy Assistance Project

  • NYC BAP provides free bankruptcy assistance to low-income residents of New York City. We provide bankruptcy assistance through pro bono attorneys and law ...

  • En Español NYC Bankruptcy Assistance Project Director: William Kransdorf Answers to Common Bankruptcy Questions (PDF) When low-income New Yorkers face

7. Bankruptcy Pro Bono Program For Attorneys | Connecticut Bar ...

  • Statewide Legal Services (SLS) provides professional liability insurance coverage to volunteer bankruptcy attorneys who accept referrals to represent clients ...

  • Volunteer Panel Attorneys

8. I Can't Afford an Attorney. Can a Pro Bono Lawyer Help Me? - Upsolve

  • 19 Nov 2021 · Many nonprofit legal agencies and attorneys offer free assistance with various straightforward civil cases. Upsolve offers a free bankruptcy ...

  • Many nonprofit legal agencies and attorneys offer free assistance with various straightforward civil cases. Upsolve offers a free bankruptcy tool.

9. Bankruptcy Clinic - DC Bar

  • ... attorneys to ensure that potential bankruptcy petitioners are eligible for pro bono services and good candidates for bankruptcy protection. The Increased ...

  • Bankruptcy Clinic

10. Help With Bankruptcy Cases - SC Access to Justice

  • These lawyers do not take cases pro bono. Click below to be taken to the ... If your primary language is something other than English or Spanish, call the closest ...

  • When someone finds themselves in a situation where they are unable to repay their debts, they can seek relief by filing for bankruptcy. Once someone files a bankruptcy case, creditors typically must stop all collection efforts against a debtor, and some or all of a person’s debt may be forgiven. Ban

11. Pro Bono | BBA - Bankruptcy Bar Association

  • The Bankruptcy Bar Association recognizes the tremendous need for pro bono services in our community, especially during these economic times.

  • If you believe you may qualify for pro bono (free) assistance from a lawyer, please fill out the Pro Bono Referral Intake Form and send it to the contact person in your county.


  • If you need assistance applying for a Pro Bono attorney and are unable to do ... If you would like to attend a virtual bankruptcy clinic to learn more about ...

  • If you need assistance with Bankruptcy or Collection and are low-income we may be able to help.  Please Click Here to Apply and Click Here for List of Required Documents  for applicants. …

13. Bankruptcy Pro Bono - Minnesota State Bar Association

  • Attorneys can volunteer their time and expertise in a variety of ways, such as counseling debtors who are considering filing for bankruptcy, representing a ...

  • For more information, contact Tom Walsh at 612-752-6675 |

14. Bankruptcy Pro Bono Programs in Colorado

  • The FFA's Bankruptcy Pro Bono Program provides free legal services to qualified, indigent debtors who are defendants in adversary proceedings brought ...

  • Learn about legal practice and lifestyle issues from the Colorado Bar Association’s monthly magazine, Colorado Lawyer.

15. [PDF] Bankruptcy Help in Maryland

  • a volunteer bankruptcy attorney for a ... Online guides and videos are available in. English and Spanish. Information provided by the. Pro Bono Resource Center of ...

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