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Football is a game played between two teams with a ball. It originates from the games, soccer, and rugby. American football is a rigid, physical sport that involves a lot of agility, body power, and strength, and one can earn points through touchdowns, field goals, or in counter-defensive plays.

The question is: is it possible to throw a football 100 yards?

There have been various arguments on whether is it possible to throw a football 100yards? The question arises because although there is no official recorded sightings by the NFL or NCAA. However, many videos circulated on the internet of football players who have been able to perform the feat.


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The American Football

American football is a sport played between two teams comprising of eleven players. However, either side may choose to substitute their players during the game. They use an oval-shaped ball while playing.

Like any other sport, the team with the most number of points becomes the winner. The declaration of the winner is usually at the end of the match. It takes place on a rectangular pitch. The team with the ball seeks to advance either by running with the ball or passing it. If the team fails to advance at least a minimum of 10 yards in 4 plays, the team forfeits the ball to the opposition, and if the opposition succeeds in accomplishing that, they are allowed to advance.

Either team earns a point when it advances and runs past the opposition’s goal line for a touchdown or when it kicks the ball, or it passes through the opponent’s goal post for a field goal. American football has its primary governing body as the International Federation of American football.

Recent studies have shown that American football is the most popular sport in the country. The most sought types are the professional and college football. Other forms are the youth and teenage games.

The most popular league for American football is the NFL (National Football League). Also, its championship tournament is the Super Bowl. The league boasts of an income of about 10 billion US dollars.

A Brief History Of The American Football

Gridiron is another name for American football. The first definition of the term, football, was in the guidelines for the 1876 college football season. Its creation was in the United States.

However, one can say that the game of soccer and rugby is a significant influence on the creation of the sport. The first game of football was in the United States, on 6th November 1869. It was a match between Princeton and Rutgers.

Initially, it employed the same rules as applied to a soccer game. However, the first game consisted of 25 players each, and team members could handle the ball with their heads, feet, and hands. Rutgers ended up winning the match with a 6-4 score.

The first time playing the game in the Olympics was in 1932 and the world games in 2005. However, the members of the football council from Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and Rutgers adjusted it to 20 players per team. The adjustment was after they met and deliberated on the rules of the game on 19th October 1873.

Harvard decided to absent themselves from the meeting as they preferred the rugby mode of playing in the running with the ball. However, the representatives of Harvard were the first to adopt the 11 players per team rule. Walter Camp from Yale, the “Father of American Football” in 1880 succeeded in getting the body in charge to change the number of team players to 11 per team

The structure of the American football team

A typical American football team comprises of 45 players, but only 11 players per team get on the football field during play. The team consists of three units. These units are the attacking or offensive unit, defensive unit, and the special team players.

The attacking or offensive unit comprises of small and fast players with agility, including a quarterback who controls the attacking runs of the team. The defensive players are generally larger players with the ability to tackle the ball from the opponents. The special team players have the primary role of kicking and punting in the game.

The football team players will receive a shirt number within 1-99. In this game, only men get to play in the NFL. It does not allow women to play. However, women do partake in college and high school games.

The aim of the sport is for one team to score more points than the other. They can achieve this by advancing the football down the pitch and gaining as many points as possible.

The basic rules of American football

Officials involved in regulating the game are, the referee, umpire, back judge, down judge, side judge, line judge, field judge, center judge, and the chain crew. The game commences after a coin toss, in which either team selects head or tail, and the team decides which area of the field they want to start the game. It comprises four quarters, each having duration of fifteen minutes.

Also, halftime occurs between the 2nd and 3rd quarters with a rest time of 15 minutes as well. The game starts when a team kicks the ball across the pitch, and the opponent runs back with the football as far as possible.

Scoring and winning

A team can get six points through a touchdown. A touchdown is when a team member advances the ball through the opposition’s field and gets to the end zone. One can also score a touchdown when a player in the end zone receives the ball from his team member. The team on the offensive can get an extra point if a player kicks the ball accurately through the upright posts

Also, a team can get three points from anywhere on the field by kicking the ball through the goal line of the opposition team. If, at any point in time, the defensive team successfully tackles the ball from the offensive team in their end zone, then that team will get two points.

When the game comes to an end, the team with the highest number of points becomes the winner. If the match happens to be a draw, in the end, the teams will play for an extra quarter to determine the winner.

How To Throw A Football?

Holding the ball:Bring out your major hand, place four fingers on the laces of the football while placing the end of your finger across the far side.

How to grip the ball: Roll your fingers across what will eventually be the end of the ball. Then ensure that your ring finger or middle fingers are still on the laces. Slide your thumb through the lower hemisphere of the ball and grip it.

Ready position:Make sure your shoulders are positioned 90° towards the direction of your aim; project your back foot at a 90° angle and place your front foot in the direction of your target. Make sure there is a little distance between the ball and your body and hold it at chest level.

Release: Ensure you draw back your shoulder and raise the ball 2-3 inches, thrust your throwing arm into the direction of the target, and make sure the ball is above your face and advance with your legs opposite the target.

Finger roll: In the process of releasing the ball, gradually release the ball from your hands starting with the ring finger and ending with the forefinger, and at the end of it, after rolling your finger, the forefinger should be pointing in the direction of the target.

Has Anyone Ever Thrown The Ball 100yards?

It is public knowledge that neither the NFL nor any official league has any record of a player throwing the ball 100 yards. The highest record in the NFL was Aaron Rodger in December 2013. He threw the ball 68 yards through the air, while the history of the longest pass was in 1983 when Jim Plunkett threw the longest touchdown pass.

Records also have it that Nick Marshall in the NCAA threw the ball 73 yards, through the air, in 2013. Also, during workout and training sessions, they recorded players throwing the ball within a 70-80 yards reach.

Although they are no official records, there are off the books throws which have been up to 100yards. An example is Pat Mahomes, who, in a live video, threw the ball 100 yards. Other examples are Louisville Quarterback Lamar Jackson, who also has a video of himself online throwing the ball a 100 yards, Odell Beckham Jr., and Melvin Ingram.


The question is it possible to throw a football 100yards, has been a very controversial topic. There have been divergent views on the subject matter, with people arguing for and against the proposition. However, one can say that it is possible. Although no official records of it exist, however, several players did, and videos of it are available on the internet.

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