How to change in one day on International Mind Body Wellness Day (2023)

Whether it is adding healthy habits or subtracting the unhealthy ones, changing our behavior for the better can be really hard. International Mind Body Wellness Day is on the first Tuesday of 2023, and it is the perfect day to start down the path of wellness. Not with all healthy choices and no unhealthy choices, that is impossible. Instead, we can pick one or two very easy actions to begin with to change your worldfor the better.

Small steps work best, and large ones tend not to work at all, so the first ones should not be so strenuous that they require any more effort than your normal daily activity. Motivating yourself to do a strenuous activity multiple times each week is actually very difficult. Lifting one dumbbell once for the first time is harder than a routine two hour workout, so remember that and give yourself credit, congratulations, or any other reward. The most important thing to remember when beginning is not to try anything you don’t think you can finish. Being able to train so much that you’re too tired to go on comes many months into the process and should be welcome.

The hard part is consistency, which is what makes small steps count as much as big steps. Just one small step one time doesn’t matter, there needs to be a routine. Let’s take a look at some of the first steps to change your life, improve health, and to reliably form healthy habits.

Set the exercise bar so low it’s on the ground

Start exercise with something that doesn’t really require physical effort, just mental effort. Always talk to your doctor before starting an exercise practice, but most will agree that exercise is without a doubt one of the most healthy activities you can add to your life. Your eventual goal should be theUS Department of Health and Human Services’ recommendation of 5 exercise sessions a week for 30 minutes each time, but keep in mind they also say “the risk of all-cause mortality begins to decrease even with small additions of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.”

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However, working out is always uncomfortable and often painful. Even people with a steady workout routine feel discomfort and pain, but those sensations are welcome when associated with physical fitness. Getting to a similar mindset is possible for anyone, we just need the right motivation and circumstances to get started.Some workout routines will even start with no weight at all and only add a few pounds each session so you can learn form and practice the routine without hurting yourself. Here’s how you can get going:

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  1. Pick three or so very easy activitieslike lifting a 5 pound dumbbell once, doing one lunge, walking briskly around a large room once, holding a yoga pose for a count of 10, or reaching down (bending your knees slightly) and touching your toes once. The whole routine should take no more than 2 minutes. This will be your first workout routine.
  2. Do your routine once a day at least three times over one week, and take a break between workout days to recover.Twice during the week and once on the weekends works, remembering that it should take practically no physical effort, at the beginning all of the effort is mental.
  3. The second week do the routine two times in a row on three separate days, taking a recovery day between.Pick two weekdays and a weekend day.
  4. The third week go for three routines in a row on three separate days.If you feel like it you can add in a fourth workout day, possibly two days in a row.
  5. The fourth week is four routines in a row, targeting around 10 minutes of activity, and try to do them five times in a week, but four is good, too. At this point recovery days will feel necessary.
  6. Each week add more repetitions of the routine until it takes you 30 minutes. Doing that 5 times a week will bring the benefits of exercise. If you can get it to 60 minute sessions you meet the best guidelines.

Exactly how intense each session needs to be is different for each person, but the US Health and Human Services guidelines says that if sitting is 0 and maximum effort is 10, a 5 or 6 is considered moderate exercise. Vigorous exercise is expending effort over 7 and counts for twice as much.

Don’t do too much unless you’re sure it’s best for you because too much too fast can sap motivation and possibly cause injury. Regardless, by the end of the fourth week you should be a person who exercises four times a week and has a solid and expandable routine. Good job!

Walk but not too far

One study found thatevery 2,000 steps reduces your risk of a cardiac event by 10% up to 10,000 steps. Walking around can get us to 5 or 6 on the effort scale and confer significant cardiovascular and other health benefits.

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10,000 steps is quite a lot, it’s about 5 miles or 8 kilometers, but fortunately you don’t have to do it all at once. It can be a good idea to get a step-counting app or other device so you know how many steps you would need to add. As always, it is very important to start small and not overwhelm yourself physically, the mental effort is enough at the beginning. Otherwise being sore or uncomfortable can get in the way of motivation.

After you know how many steps you are usually taking, try increasing it to the next 1,000 steps a day each week, which is adding around 10 minutes of walking. If you walk 1,200, go for 2,000. If you walk 3,000, go for 4,000. After a few months you’ll hit that 10,000 step mark and all the healthiness that results.

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The average step is about 18 inches or one and a half feet, so here are a few easy ways to add steps during the day:

  • One walk around the averageNew York city block (264 by 900 feet) takes about ten minutes and is 1,500 steps.
  • A minute of brisk walking around the building or indoors while food is heatingis about 100 steps.
  • We walk slower when tapping on our phones, but walking while talking is an easy way to grab a few more steps, even pacing indoors is a good idea.
  • Drink a lot of water, each trip to the bathroom is more steps.
  • Set a timer for 5-minute walking breaks during the day.
  • If weight loss is a goal, you burn 2-3 times as many caloriesstepping up stairs.
  • Consider how you can add a few steps when traveling anywhere- park further away, get off one stop early, walk to school, walk to the store, or walk to work.

If you add about 10 minutes of walking a day or 1,000 steps, within a few months you’ll be a prolific walker who is healthier as a result. Good job!

Just one glass of water

A glass of 16 ounces or half liter of water before coffee, tea, or food in the morning is a simple start to the day and confers a surprising degree of health benefits. Most of us have access to clean water and can easily add this activity to our mornings. This one is never physically difficult, but does require mental effort to undertake and to keep going.

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To motivate this change, think about how just one glass of water can help with:

  • Dehydration occurs overnight as water evaporates from our bodies and can cause low energy, mental impairment, anda bad mood.
  • Increase metabolismand prime your body for weight loss by drinking cool water that your body must warm up, whichincreases metabolic rate by as much as 30%.
  • Suppress the craving for morning snacking by loading your belly with water,which reduces hunger.

Now you are drinking a whole glass of water first thing in the morning, and you will find yourself with more energy, a better metabolism, and more control over any questionably healthy morning foods that you enjoy. Good job!

Go to the kitchen twice

More than half of us lead sedentary lifestyles characterized by many hours of inactivity, regardless of if we live in developed or less developed nations, and many of us have health problems as a result. Fortunatelya few minutes of activity each hour can help to counteract the effect of a moderately sedentary lifestyle. This can be different for different people depending on how sitting, light activity, and exercise is balanced.

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People who spend 7 or less hours a day sittingcan more or less cancel out the health effects of sitting with about 30 minutes of exercise a day, but those of us who sit for 10 hours can’t exercise it away. Instead, short movement breaks can have a huge impact.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to think about how to balance being sedentary, light activity, and exercise. Sedentary behavior is sitting and not walking around while working on a computer, watching TV, or similar non-physical activity. Light activity is not exercise but is walking, cleaning, gardening, or other active behaviors. Exercise consists of activities that make you out of breath or sweaty.Looking very closely at one article that carefully analyzed the effects of balancing these three behaviors using several different studies shows us how to balance properly.

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  • Assuming 8 hours of sleep, the “average” person spends about 76% or 12 hours of their waking hours sedentary, 24% or about 4 hours doing light activity and less than 1% or 2 minutes doing exercise.This contributes to 9% of annual deaths worldwide.

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  • The suggested ideal for most of us according to the study is to sit less than seven hours and get 30 mins of exercise, which reduces the unhealthy impact by 80%. That’s about 44% sedentary, 53% light activity, and 3% exercise.
  • However, they also note that exercise can only help so much, more than 30 mins doesn’t add any reduction in the unhealthy impact of being sedentary. You can’t make up extra sitting with extra exercise. If you sit for ten hours (600 minutes) a day, the impact can only be reduced by 40%.
  • The good news is that the first five minutes of exercise offer around half of the benefit, and the first 15 minutes give you 70-90% of the benefit. Then when you replace sitting with light activity makes each minute counts that much more.
  • In addition to exercise, try to add light activity to the day, take extra trips to the kitchen or bathroom, stand up and walk around for 5 mins. Replacing 5 mins in each hour of sitting with light activity can turn 10 hours of sitting into 9 hours of sitting.

Now you can be sure to move your body for 5-10 minutes each out to counteract a lot of the unhealthy parts of sitting. Good job!

Don’t do anything

Being sedentary isn’t all bad, and in fact can be very important for a healthy lifestyle with the right mental tools. Meditation might be the first thing that comes to mind for many of us, but it’s not the only way to sit with yourself and get healthier just by thinking.

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How to change in one day on International Mind Body Wellness Day (8)

  • Gratitude exercises involve spending a few minutes each day feeling thankful for things in your life.At least one study indicates that writing or thinking long-form ideas about what you are thankful for works better than listing out positive qualities in your life. To try for yourself, take time five times a week to write or think about something you are grateful for and why. After about three weeks you might feel the effects like less anxiety and animproved sense of well-being.
  • Mindfulness-based meditation has a lot of research behind it saying it canchange how your brain processes emotions and help manage stress, immune function, sleep, and many other important things. Even short mindfulness practices can increase oxytocin, a hormone indicative of low stress. Find an app or website you like and start with just 5 minutes a day and work your way up from there.
  • Enjoying silence ismost important when healing, but also is important when you are busy.Workers that moved to open-plan offices with few quiet spaces felt more distraction, more stress, and less satisfaction with their environment. Depending on your situation silence may not be possible, though try to seek it out if you can.

Now you can just sit down almost anywhere and get healthier by thinking about gratitude, mindfulness, or just enjoying the silence. Good job!

Put your phone down

The colors, motion, sounds, and little red numbers are all specifically designed to offer psychological rewards when using your smartphone. In this way they weredesigned to be addictive. Smartphone addiction is insidious because they have legitimate uses yetexploit mental weaknesses we may have. The use of social media in particular is thought to have a negative impact not just on mood but also onacademicandjob performance.

The best ways to take a step back from the phone is, like the rest of this article, to take small steps consistently. Here are a few that could work.

How to change in one day on International Mind Body Wellness Day (9)

  • No phones in the bedroom is always a good habit to prevent late-night scrolling and thesleep-disrupting effects of the screen.
  • Do something that doesn’t require a phone, like art or sports, and leave the phone in a difficult spot like a locker or in bag on the other side of the room. Both art and sports have been effective informal smartphone intervention therapies.
  • Turn off all notifications so your phone isn’t calling you over.
  • Remove habit-forming apps. If there is an app that you find yourself constantly using, try deleting it and using a desktop computer to browse the same information.
  • Just pick one thing above, reducing too much too quickly can lead to binging later.

By using your phone less you’ll sleep better and maybe even feel better about yourself. And you should because you put in a lot of effort into putting that phone down, good job!

We will continue to share easy ways to stay healthy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and on the Molekule blog.

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How can I improve my mind and body? ›

Here are six things I recommend to my patients in order of importance:
  1. Exercise regularly. Exercise has many known benefits, and regular physical activity also benefits the brain. ...
  2. Get plenty of sleep. ...
  3. Eat a Mediterranean diet. ...
  4. Stay mentally active. ...
  5. Remain socially involved. ...
  6. Keep your blood vessels healthy.
Dec 29, 2022

What is the meaning of International mind-Body Wellness Day? ›

International Mind-Body Wellness Day 2023: On January 3, it's International Mind-Body Wellness Day, a time to recommit to loving both our bodies and minds by putting new strategies for development and wellness into action. No one should have to deal with mental health challenges on their own.

What is the International mind-Body Wellness Day on January 3? ›

January 3 is International Mind-Body Wellness Day, an opportunity to celebrate how a healthy mind and healthy emotions mean a healthy body. The mind, body and soul connection plays an integral role in our overall health and well-being. A healthy body drives, a healthy mind and vice versa.

How do I start my day for wellness? ›

As you read on, keep in mind your own lifestyle and health goals, so you can create a morning routine that will work best for you.
  1. Set your alarm to work for you — not against you. ...
  2. Breathe in the new day. ...
  3. Drink water before coffee. ...
  4. Move your body in all directions. ...
  5. Make time to exercise. ...
  6. Set your mind right.
Aug 24, 2021

How can I promote World Mental Health Day at work? ›

Encourage employees to schedule daily mental health breaks

Encourage team members to schedule breaks on their calendars. Managers can lead by example by blocking daily mental health breaks on their calendars to make employees feel more comfortable engaging in this practice.

What are 5 ways to improve your body-mind connection? ›

Achieve a Better Body-Mind Connection in 5 Steps
  1. Practice Mindfulness. Whether you realize it or not, your body responds to the way you think, feel, and act. ...
  2. Feed your body healthy, nutritious foods. ...
  3. Exercise Daily. ...
  4. Connectedness. ...
  5. Take care of yourself.

What are the four ways to keep the body and mind healthy? ›

Nutrition, Exercise, Relaxation, Sleep. These pillars work together to keep your mind and body healthy.

What are mind body activities? ›

(mind-BAH-dee EK-ser-SIZE) A form of exercise that combines body movement, mental focus, and controlled breathing to improve strength, balance, flexibility, and overall health. Examples of mind-body exercises are yoga, tai chi, and qigong.

What is the purpose of wellness days? ›

Wellness days give children time to take a break and do something that fills them up rather than drains them. Allowing these days can instill self-worth and wellbeing at an early age and encourage kids to value both their emotional and physical health.

What are the benefits of mind body wellness? ›

Healing Body and Mind
  • Relaxing your mind and body can help ease stress. It can also relieve anxiety, depression, and sleep problems. ...
  • Laughter and humour make life richer and healthier. ...
  • Building resilience can help you cope. ...
  • Tending to your spiritual wellness can help your mind-body wellness.

What is the international symbol for Mental Health Day? ›

The green ribbon is the international symbol of mental health awareness. Wear a green ribbon to show colleagues, loved ones or simply those you walk past that you care about their mental health.

What is virtual wellness day? ›

Virtual wellness activities are online experiences that encourage work from home employees to adopt healthy habits. For example, meditation, stretch breaks and water drinking challenges. The goal of these activities is to boost employee health and have a positive effect on employee morale and productivity.

What is a wellness calendar? ›

A wellness calendar offers resources and support.

Health challenges create opportunities to visually goal set, physically track positive habits, recognize missed opportunities and celebrate successes.

How do you start a day with purpose? ›

A Simple Morning Practice to Start Your Day with Purpose
  1. Connect with your body. On waking, sit (in your bed or a chair) in a relaxed posture. ...
  2. Connect with your breath. ...
  3. Investigate your intention for the day. ...
  4. Set your intention for the day. ...
  5. Throughout the day, check in with yourself.
Mar 1, 2016

Which is the best morning drink? ›

10 Healthy Morning Drinks to Get Your Day Started
  • Honey and cinnamon drink. Have a glass of honey and cinnamon drink first thing in the morning. ...
  • Lemon Juice. ...
  • Cinnamon Green Tea. ...
  • Coconut water. ...
  • Aloe juice. ...
  • Pomegranate tea. ...
  • Fruit smoothies. ...
  • Green tea lassi.
Oct 29, 2021

How do I start my day activity? ›

Here is a list of productive morning activities that you can choose from to kick-start your day.
  1. Read a book first thing in the morning. © Thinkstock. ...
  2. Make a to-do list. © Thinkstock. ...
  3. Meditate. © Thinkstock. ...
  4. Practice yoga. © Thinkstock. ...
  5. Work out. © Thinkstock. ...
  6. Go for a walk in the park. ...
  7. Have a nice breakfast. ...
  8. Take a long shower.
Feb 27, 2018

What can employees do for Mental Health Day? ›

A mental health day is similar to sick leave. It's a day off of work where an employee can invest in self-care and recover from potential mental health issues. This day can be paid or unpaid. It's important to note that the reason for a mental health day may not relate to work.

What are 3 activities that involve the mind body connection? ›

Practices such as progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness-based stress reduction, meditation, mindfulness, biofeedback, and yoga, are just a few ways to strengthen body-mind connections.

What are the three keys to a healthy brain? ›

Three factors contribute to good brain health

These factors are: Physical exercise. Being social. Having strong interests.

What is the 10 ways to improve your brain health? ›

It's never too late or too early to incorporate healthy habits.
  • ​Break a sweat. Engage in regular cardiovascular exercise that elevates your heart rate and increases blood flow to the brain and body. ...
  • Hit the books. ...
  • Butt out. ...
  • Follow your heart. ...
  • Heads up! ...
  • Fuel up right. ...
  • Catch some Zzz's. ...
  • Take care of your mental health.

How do I align my mind body and soul? ›

10 Tips to Align Your Mind, Body, and Spirt When Regular Life Blows up Your Balance
  1. Meditate in a way that works for you. ...
  2. Do a breath-work ritual. ...
  3. Journal your thoughts. ...
  4. Crack open a spiritual-leaning read. ...
  5. Visit a sacred space. ...
  6. Get moving. ...
  7. Seek some support. ...
  8. Give yourself space.
Apr 22, 2019

What is the best way to balance your mind body and soul? ›

10 Simple Ways to Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul
  1. Exercise. The great part about exercise is that there is an activity available for someone at literally every level of fitness and capability. ...
  2. Get Plenty of Sleep. ...
  3. Meditate. ...
  4. Get Fresh Air. ...
  5. Eat More Plant-Based Foods. ...
  6. Breathe Deeply. ...
  7. Be Grateful. ...
  8. Declutter.

How do you balance your inner body and mind? ›

15 Simple Tips To Balance Your Mind, Body & Soul
  1. Exercise. Find an exercise you enjoy, and start doing it regularly. ...
  2. Be grateful. Stop to think about the things you have going for you and appreciate them. ...
  3. Get plenty of sleep. ...
  4. Breathe deeply. ...
  5. Install water filters in your home. ...
  6. Ground yourself. ...
  7. Eat organic. ...
  8. Do more yoga.
Jan 22, 2021

What are the techniques of mind body therapy? ›

Mind-body therapies include:
  • Meditation.
  • Prayer.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Guided imagery.
  • Biofeedback.
  • Yoga.

What are 3 activities in mental health? ›

Consider these fun activities to improve mental health and relieve stress.
  • Deep breathing. Stress contributes to common mental health struggles like anxiety and depression. ...
  • Exercise. ...
  • Gardening. ...
  • Reading. ...
  • Social interaction.

What is the message of wellness? ›

“The key to a healthy life is having a healthy mind.” “Your illness is not your identity. Your chemistry is not your character.” “Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit – the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being.”

Why is mind-body awareness important? ›

Better balance and stability

One of the main benefits of body awareness is having a strong mind-body connection. When you know and feel where your body is in space, you're better able to direct it to do what you want it to do.

What is the importance of mind and body health? ›

Having a healthy mind is key to your overall health and well-being. A healthy mind includes emotional, psychological and social well-being and affects how you think, feel and act. It works in unity with your body and influences how you handle stress, relate to others and make choices.

Why is the mind-body problem important? ›

The mind-body problem is closely related to the hard problem of consciousness, or the problem of how unconscious matter gives rise to conscious minds. This is a uniquely materialist problem, for in our other three philosophies, consciousness is a fundamental part of reality.

What is the theme for mental health day 2023? ›

The official theme for 2023's Mental Health Awareness Week is anxiety. For Mental Health Awareness Week 2023, we will look at how anxiety can affect people living with severe mental illness, what external factors can trigger this strong response, and what we can do to support our peers.

What is the color for World Mental Health Day? ›

Go Purple for World Mental Health Day.

Why is mental health ribbon green? ›

Green signifies new life, new growth, and new beginnings. Therefore, we wear green ribbons to raise public awareness, better the lives of children with serious emotional disorders and show our support of these children and their families. 1949 The National Mental Health Association declared May as Mental Health Month.

How do you engage remote employees in wellness programs? ›

Use blogs and other social media to share examples of healthy living stories of remote employees and provide inspiration. reimbursing all or part of their fitness center memberships, at-home exercise equipment, fitness trackers, and or healthy food delivery services.

What are examples of digital wellness? ›

Common digital wellness practices include implementing screen time limits, wearing blue-light-blocking glasses to alleviate eyestrain, and muting notifications on mobile devices to prevent constant interruptions. It is also important to maintain healthy habits with physical activity, nutrition, and sleep.

How do I create a wellness schedule? ›

Tips To Create Your Personal Wellness Plan
  1. Assess Your Current Physical Wellness.
  2. Find Out What Exercise Is Right For You.
  3. Determine What Nutrition You're Getting and What You Need.
  4. Get the Right Amount of Sleep.
  5. Adjust Your Personal Wellness Plan.
Jan 23, 2017

How do you organize a wellness event? ›

Tips for planning a wellness event
  1. Start small. ...
  2. Start with resources you already have. ...
  3. Think about the theme. ...
  4. Think about timing. ...
  5. Prepare a budget. ...
  6. Make mental health accessible. ...
  7. Get inspiration from your employees. ...
  8. Market your event.

What are the 7 wellness plan? ›

Wellness is commonly viewed as having seven dimensions: mental, physical, social, financial, spiritual, environmental, and vocational. These dimensions are interdependent and influence each other.

How do we celebrate mental health awareness? ›

Attend an event in support of Mental Health Awareness Month.

A great way to spread awareness about mental health is by engaging in events in your community or online to learn more and connect with others who are willing to share their experiences with mental health conditions.

What activities are there for World Mental Health Day? ›

  • Educate and communicate. Awareness is the first step in fostering a more positive mental health culture in our society. ...
  • Brew connections. ...
  • Nurture mind and body. ...
  • Learn and grow. ...
  • Share experiences. ...
  • Contribute to a cause. ...
  • Show recognition. ...
  • Start a conversation.

What is the color for mental health awareness? ›

The green ribbon is the international symbol of mental health awareness. Wear a green ribbon to show colleagues, loved ones or simply those you walk past that you care about their mental health. It can also be worn in memory of a loved one.

What do you say for mental health awareness? ›

  • "There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn't." — John Green.
  • "I cannot stand the words 'Get over it'. ...
  • "Self-care is how you take your power back." — Lalah Delia.
  • "My dark days made me strong. ...
  • "There is no normal life that is free of pain.
Mar 21, 2023

How do you take a mental health day example? ›

“Recently I've been having a hard time with my [condition] and am going to take a sick day today to try and rest up. I'll be back tomorrow.” “I'm feeling burnt out, and am planning to take a sick day today to take care of my mental health. I'll be back in the office tomorrow, thank you for understanding.”

What is the theme of 2023 mental health awareness? ›

The official theme for 2023's Mental Health Awareness Week is anxiety. For Mental Health Awareness Week 2023, we will look at how anxiety can affect people living with severe mental illness, what external factors can trigger this strong response, and what we can do to support our peers.

What is the color for Mental Health Awareness Month 2023? ›

What is the color of Mental Health Awareness Month? Mental health awareness is represented by a green ribbon.

What do you say for mental awareness Month? ›

I am still me, no matter my mental health. Check in with your emotional well-being. Take care of you. Eat, sleep, and be active.

Why is mental Wellness Day important? ›

A mental health day is a day meant to help reduce stress and burnout. It can provide a pause to come back with more energy, less stress and a renewed spirit.

What is the example of mental activities? ›

Some examples of mental activities which can be adapted. Reading/listening to talking books. Music – listening, watching a live performance, playing an instrument, singing.


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